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Like you, we are passionate about food quality and customer service. This is why a premium product is only half the story. We believe great products need to be served with great service – Our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

We support our customers 7 days a week, and are agile to meet your service requirements. I guess we can’t explain in words how great the service is, so we do recommend you try it 🙂

Our customers says

  • "Shlix’s scoops taste surprisingly strong and true to their origins. Each mouthful of gelati proves smooth, light, creamy and rich at the same time - no easy feat."


  • "I'm there for only one thing - gelato that borderlines on crack in terms of addictive qualities."


  • "Peanut butter gelati. I could end my review right there and you'd go, am I right? It's so good."