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Let’s make flavours that
are tailored to your menu.

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Our flavours would be the best flavours you’ve ever tried (yes, we know we are talking to chefs here – But we are that confident).

You would be happy to know that

  • We can make custom flavours to suit your menu (Gorgonzola flavour anyone?)
  • We have a list of standard flavours to choose from our flavour list
  • We make really mean semi-freddo cakes
  • Our kitchen is HACCP accredited
  • We use normal 3.5% fresh milk in all our dairy flavours

Product features

  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Sorbets are dairy & fat free
  • Dairy flavours are normally 3.5-8% fat (but chocolate & nuts are a bit more)
  • Gluten & eggs free (except flavours with pastry)
  • Gelatine free
  • Sugar free options available
  • Alcoholic flavours also available (1/2 a standard drink per scoop)